About the author

Welcome to www.thaicitizenship.com! The website about how you can live in Thailand permanently as a Thai citizen.

My name is Chris Larkin, a long time resident of Thailand and a dual Thai-Australian national. My day job is running my boutique consulting firm CLC Asia (www.clc-asia.com) where I assist foreign investors understanding the Thai economy, and from time to time, the Thai government and its policies. 

Why I’ve built this website

I’m regularly asked by friends and acquaintances anything and everything about living in Thailand. One thing I get asked about a lot, is “how does one stay here permanently?”.

Like most, the idea is to come to Thailand for a year or two. The next thing they know, they have been here a decade or two having found a career niche, gotten married and had kids, and been through all the other things that life throws up that keeps them attached to living and working in Thailand.

These people often find themselves wondering how they can go on staying in Thailand, or a much more regularized, and permanent basis. Many hear stories from the ‘expat grape-vine’ than becoming a Thai citizen is an impossible task. The thing is, it actually isn’t. 

As a result, this website – a way of demystifying the entire process – has been an idea of mine for a long time.

May 2018

Thai Citizenship
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