Hi everyone,

My name is Chris Larkin and welcome to the thaicitizenship.com website.

I’m a dual Thai/Australian citizen. I was born and grew up in Australia, but I’ve been living and working in Thailand permanently since the early 2000’s. Before that I spent quite a bit of time in the 1990’s studying, working and travelling around Thailand while still living in Australia.

Today, I live in Bangkok and run my own government affairs and corporate advisory firm, CLC Asia. I’m married, have three kids, and am quite active as an elected director of the Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (‘Austcham’) since 2014.

What bought me in Thailand permanently in the first place was the chance to do a stint as an advisor to the Thai government, which I did for three years between 2001 and 2004.

With my current day job, I spend a lot of my time, telling clients what the Thai government is thinking about various issues, and from time to time, I help my clients navigate the complexities of working with the Thai government.

Before I started my own business, I worked in management consulting working focusing on SE Asian energy, IT and airlines.

As a result of what I’ve done here work-wise, I’ve ended up presenting to senior ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, permanent secretaries and director-generals across different government departments.  Most of my time is spent liaising with government officials of one sort or another.

After living, studying and doing what I do for so long, I’m regularly asked by friends and acquaintances anything and everything about living in Thailand. One thing I get asked about a lot, is “how does one stay here permanently?”.

Thailand is a hugely popular destination for travellers. The Eastern Seaboard of Thailand is a world class manufacturing hub, and Bangkok has become an international city in its own right.

This combination of factors means that plenty of people come and live and work in Thailand. Like most, including myself, the idea is to come here for a year or two. The next thing they know, they have been here a decade or two having found a career niche, gotten married and had kids, and been through all the other things that life throws up that keeps them attached to living and working in Thailand.

These people often find themselves wondering how they can go on staying in Thailand, or a much more regularized, and permanent basis.

As a result, this website has been an idea of mine for a long time.

Now, before I go on, I want to declare that I was born with Thai citizenship, by being born to a natural wonder of the world (and beautiful force of nature) – my mum. She just happened to have been born in Bangkok so I got lucky in how I came about to be a Thai citizen.

What I have done however is been through the process of having my NZ born wife get Thai citizenship, as well as informally advised many friends and colleagues on the ins and outs of the process. In addition, I’ve got a lot of experience around Thai dual citizenship issues, military service, as well as the ins and outs of most of the bits of paperwork you’ll need to become a Thai citizen.

Combined with my experience dealing with the Thai bureaucracy, hopefully this website can be a good place to demystify the process of becoming a Thai citizen, and more broadly, share some experience and neat tricks from someone who has lived here for two decades.

Chris Larkin

May 2018

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