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Entering Thailand on a foreign passport
Thai dual citizens can now enter Thailand on a foreign passport without fear of being charged for overstay....
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Thai holding ID card
Reclaiming Thai citizenship
You were born in Thailand but moved away at a young age. Now you'd like to get your Thai citizenship...
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Thai citizenship through marriage to a Thai husband
Foreign women married to Thai husbands are able to apply for Thai citizenship after as little as one...
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A law book with a gavel - Immigration law
Thai citizenship lawyer recommendations?
Should I hire a lawyer to handle my PR or Citizenship application? Can we make any recommendations? We...
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Thai doctor and patient
Thai Social Security
Thai social security provides the cheapest and most comprehensive health insurance in Thailand. Find...
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Thai citizenship using DNA testing
In recent years the Thai government has been active in promoting DNA testing for those unable to claim...
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Thai military service for dual citizens
A common question that arises for male Thai citizens born and living overseas, as well as dual citizenship...
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Visa picture scaled
Thailand ancestry visas
Did you know that a special visa exists for people who had a parent born in Thailand? Check out who this...
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2018-06-04 08.05
The yellow tabien baan - getting registered
For those who thinking about applying for citizenship, being registered in a tabien baan will be a key...
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Thai Citizenship
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