Document checklist for Thai citizenship applications

The following is the English translation of the document checklist required when applying for Thai citizenship at the naturalization unit of the Police Special Branch.

DO NOT use this checklist however if you are applying as for Thai citizenship on the basis of marriage to a Thai husband. In that case, please read this article (‘Thai citizenship for women with a Thai husband’) which contains detailed instructions specifically those people going down this route.

For all other applications:

a) Five (5) copies of the Alien Book* (‘ใบสำคัญประจำตัวคนต่างด้าว’) with every page that has information recorded

b) Five (5) copies of the Certificate of Residence* (‘ใบสำคัญถิ่นที่อยู่’) with every page that has information recorded

c) Five (5) copies of the Work Permit (every page that has information recorded)

d) Five (5) copies of the House Registration for the whole family (applicant, partner and any children)

e) Five (5) copies of the applicants Passport, including old Passports (every page that has information recorded)

f) Twelve (12) photographs (2 x 2.5 inches) showing the applicant dressed politely as well as six (6) photos of the spouse (males dressed in suit with necktie and females dressed in formalwear)

g) Five (5) copies of the Marriage Registration (Translated into Thai in case of foreign language).

  • If married in Thailand this will mean providing your Thai marriage certificate (Kor. Ror 3/คร. 3) as well as a copy of the registration of marriage (Kor. Ror 2/คร. 2 – “ทะเบียนสมรส”) from your district office.
  • If married overseas you will also need a copy of a Kor. Ror 22 – “Registration of Family Status” (คร. 22 – “ทะเบียนฐานะแห่งครอบครัว”) from your local district office. This essentially a recognition of your foreign marriage in Thailand.


h) Proof of Money Deposit in the bank of certificate from the bank that money has been deposited (Should not be less than 80,000 Baht)

i) Proof of Charity Donation (A receipt from the registered Thai charity in question. Not less than 5,000 Baht and the money should be donation long time ago and not just in time to support the citizenship application)

j) Proof of filling Personal Income Tax (PND 91) for the applicant during the 3 previous years. This has to be certified and stamped by the Revenue Department. Please note that if a citizenship application is filed in the beginning of the year, then you must have the PND 91 for the previous year just ended.

k) One (1) copy of Proof of Company Registration for the commercial establishment where the applicant working, such as Affidavit Licenses Certificate of Company Registration, List of Shareholders, Value-Added Tax Registration Certificate(PP20) and other related documents

l) Copy of Corporate Tax (PND50) for the previous 3 years in the case the applicant has shares in a Limited liability company or partnership. Please note that if the application is file in the beginning of the year, then you have to wait until around March to get the PND 50 for the previous year.

m) Letter of Employment that state position of the applicant in accordance with the work permit and monthly salary in accordance with filed taxes for the year the application is filed, from the company the applicant working. The Letter mush be signed by an authorized person in the Company

n) Two (2) copies of the birth certificate or Personal ID Card or Alien book of the married partner

o) One (1) copy of Children’s birth certificates. If the applicant has changed names or surnames, then document relating to these must be provided.

p) Evidence of education for the applicant and for any children. If certificates or degrees are from overseas they will need to be certified by that countries authorities (please consult with special branch and your embassy on how, as each country follows a different system)

q) One (1) copy of the ID Card and House Registration from Two (2) Thai citizens who can vouch for the applicant’s behavior and assets (these people must not be relatives of the applicant)

r) Certificate of Legal Age according to the laws in the applicants’ country of origin (Certified by your embassy or consulate). Translated into Thai.

s) Letter showing intention to renounce your foreign citizenship upon successfully acquiring Thai nationality (see our article here on this issue)

t) Application fee of 5,000 baht

On the day of application Special Branch requests that originals of all documents be brought as well.

*n.b. This is only applicable to those who already hold permanent residency and are applying via that route.

This document checklist for Thai citizenship applications reflects what is given by police special branch to all potential applicants. Please note however that in many instances, additional documents not included here *may* be required, depending on individual circumstances.

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[…] Much of the documentation required (passports, photos, marriage certificates etc.) is rather straight forward. A detailed list documents which are required for your application are outlined at a separate page, here. […]

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