Thai citizenship when born overseas

Chris Larkin

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  1. Karlee says:

    Hi, can you provide any further information if having a Thai Birth Certificate and Passport (with the 13 digit number) is enough to get my Thai ID card. This is my first passport and I do not have access to my Tabien Baan or know if Im registered in one.

    Any extra info would be great as I don’t speak Thai and need to organise someone to come with me to the district office.

    • Hi Karlee,

      Where are you based currently?

      If you were born overseas, it is unlikely you have been registered on a Tabieen baan unless it was done for you as a child. It is easy enough to check anyway.

      But if you aren’t you’ll need to get registered on the Tabieen baan first before you can get your ID card.

      You’ll need to bring your original Thai BC issued overseas by the embassy, and the passport you entered Thailand on. Do you also have a thai passport issued by the embassy?

      Other likely pieces of information are copies of you parents ID and their names transliterated into Thai. You’ll need two Thai citizens to vouch for you, plus the ‘house master’ of the tabieen baan where you want to be registered.

  2. k says:

    HI Chris,
    I’m currently based in Bangkok, I entered on my Thai passport. I was advised that I won’t be able to renew my passport unless i get a Thai Id card. IN my passport I already have an Thai ID number, so it seems i was registered as a child to a Tabieen baan. I also have my BC from both countries. One of my parents has passed away so would a death certificate suffice?

    • Hi Karlee,

      So you’ll need to figure out where you’ve been registered on the tabieen baan to start with (but any district office can do that) and get your Thai ID card organised. Whether that requires a copy of the actual tabieen baan with your name on it, I’m not sure, but once you have the ID card you can renew your Thai Passport very easily.

      The other option is to renew your Thai passport at the embassy in the country of your birth (if you were indeed born overseas). They have been know to waive the requirement for an ID card given its not always possible for Thai citizens living overseas to have an up to date ID card, or even have one at all.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Jen says:


    I’m born overseas and my parents got me a thai birth certificate and when I was little I also had a thai passport which is expired now. I called my local embassy to ask on how to get my passport renewed which I can only do with a registration in a ta bien baan and an ID number which I can both only obtain in Thailand.
    To my knowledge I was not registered in a Ta bien baan as a child. If I fly into Thailand with my foreign passport and then try to get registered in my moms or her family’s ta bien baan, are there any issues I will face? How long does the process take? Which documents should I take with me? And will if I want to get an Id afterwards will I have to choose between my two nationalities?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your message. Given you were born outside of Thailand you aren’t automatically registered on a tabieen baan, so it will be up to you to register in person. There won’t be any (nor should there be) issues registering having your name put on your family members tabieen baan, but it may take a couple of visits to sort the paperwork and have Thai citizen witnesses (usually family members) come vouch for you. Following being registered on the tabieen baan you then need to get your ID card, usually in the same office but that is more a formality once you have your registration done.

      Once fully in the system, you’ll be able to easily get a new Thai Passport. If you are looking to stay in Thailand for any extended length of time you’ll need to depart Thailand on your foreign passport and the re-enter Thailand on your new Thai passport.

      Thailand has no issues with dual citizenship. You are already a Thai citizen from birth so already a dual citizen. You will however need to check if your current citizenship allows you to maintain another citizenship.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Peter says:


    I was born overseas and dont have the Thai BC and was thinking of fixing this now.
    However I no longer live in the country I was born in and im wondering if I can get the BC in the current country I recide in if I contact the thai embassy here?
    And if possible what documents would be needed?


    • Hi Peter,

      Where were you born?

      As far as I know you can only work via the Thai embassy in the country you were born in and via the Department of Consular affairs in Bangkok, which will just liaise with the embassy in the country of your birth.

      No harm in approaching the Thai embassy in the country you are in now and see if they will act as liaison, but I suspect it may be something they refuse to do. Having said that, applying for a birth certificate can usually be done via mail, so you are probably going to have more luck dealing with them directly, and asking the documents they will require. The documents you need will likely be the ones outlined in the article above.

      All the best.

  5. Naiyana says:

    I am a thai citizen,married in Malaysia.
    I never got my marriage registered in Thailand.
    I am due to deliver in March 2020 in Malaysia.
    I want to enquire if my baby will get thai citizenship here in Thailand, (i mean the i.d card) even if my marriage not registered here and never change my initials from Miss. to Mrs.???

    Thank you in advance!

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