The ultimate guide to Thai Permanent Residence

Chris Larkin

Long time resident of Bangkok. Married, three daughters. Managing director of CLC Asia ( Lots of interesting knowledge and experience built up over time which I hope can be of use to people.

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79 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    One note for this article, they don’t require a criminal background check, they require a certificate of NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Any minor incident appearing on the report, even if dismissed or found not guilty is completely disqualifying. Their next step is try try to sell you on a citizenship scam. Don’t do it.

    • Thanks for the clarification ‘anonymous’. To be fair though, I can’t think of too many countries which will let you get PR or naturalise if you’ve got anything less than a clean sheet, so Thailand isn’t too different on this front. Not sure why you’d expect different.

      As for getting citizenship being a ‘scam’, plenty of people get it in an entirely above board manner and this website was put together to show people how they could do just that.

      • Martin says:

        Thanks for great website sharing useful information. Does “certificate of no criminal record” finger print check is also required for citizenship application for whom is married to Thai wife and having children? Thanks.

  2. Ray miller says:

    Hi chris
    Appreciate your information.
    I try to apply this days for PR,
    Base on my 2 mix Thai kids ( under 20)
    Then again I’m divorced .
    Already had all the documents / DNA
    Work, tax .. completed .
    I do use a lawyer to handle my request ,
    But he informed that might need to pay
    Extra money ( for a reason I’m not sure about)
    Any advice regarding my situation?
    Is my situation divorce with 2 Thai mix kids
    Can be accepted ?
    Thanks in advance
    Your prompt reply will be appreciated

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your message. It needed to be approved manually before it was published.

      I obviously can’t advocate you make these payments for legal and ethical reasons, and its one of the motivations why I put together this website so people didn’t have to rely in lawyers and agents.

      People who do the applications themselves – mysteriously – don’t have requests for these special payments from their lawyers. Go figure. So without wanting to get myself into defamation territory, I’ll leave it to you to read between the lines and let you think of a couple of good lawyer jokes.

      Sorry I can’t be more helpful – I wish I could. All I can say is that applications which stand up themselves, usually pass without issue.

  3. Lynn says:

    Hi Chris,
    This is a really informative site, thank you. But I wasn’t able find the answer of what I was looking for and hope you can help.
    I recently got the PR and have done the Alien Book, put name into the Tabian Baan book. After this do I need to go back to immigration to show them that I had done all the necessary steps?
    Best regards

    • Hi Lynn,

      Glad you have found the website. To be honest it doesn’t sound like there is anything else needed to be done, your new alien books basically are your ‘visa’ to stay here. Having said that if you are worried, when you head down to get your reentry permit for PR, it’s worth asking them if anything else needs to be rounded off, but as I said I doubt it.

  4. Lawrende says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the informative article. I read another article from Bangkok Post which mentioned a foreigner granted a PR still require Working Visa for working. Do you have any idea about this.

    Thanks for advise.

    • Hi Lawrende.

      Yes, that is indeed the case. Because immigration and the labour department are separate, there has never been a proper way of granting automatic work rights for PR holders. My understanding is that the work permits are a little easier to be granted, and the obvious upside to PR is that if you are in between jobs, your stay in Thailand is not tied to working.

      It isn’t ideal, which is why most PR holders then jump to citizenship after they’ve held PR for 5 years, or skip PR all together if they are married to a Thai citizen as citizenship offers many more benefits and requires similar qualification to apply.

  5. Ika says:

    Hi, I am wondering if my kid who was born in Thailand can have a Thai citizenship? Both parents farang

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