Traveling as a dual citizen

Chris Larkin

Long time resident of Bangkok. Married, three daughters. Managing director of CLC Asia ( Lots of interesting knowledge and experience built up over time which I hope can be of use to people.

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  1. philip buckfield says:

    HI i wonder if anyone can help, my daughter has both Thai and uk passports, the uk passport has only 3 months left and the thai passport has 14 months, will we still be allowed to exit the uk and travel to Thailand bearing in mind the uk passport has only 3 months left. we are planning on updating the uk passport in bangkok?

    • Hi Philip,

      So it shouldn’t be an issue so long as you present both passports to the airline check in. Normally the 6 month requirement is set by the destination country for non-nationals. The airline be able to see she is also a thai citizen so has the unfettered right to enter Thailand and will be doing so in the thai passport anyway, so will be allowed to board. I should also note thailand allows its own nationals to enter on expired thai passports as well.

  2. Gary says:

    Hi Chris,

    The name in my Thai passport is a lot different from the one in my US passport, because of name change after naturalization. When I buy a plane ticket to come back to visit family in Bangkok, which name should I use to purchase the ticket?

    Thanks Chris,

    • Hi Gary – rest assured your situation is far from unique. Booking your airline ticket in either name is fine. Airline check in just need to know that you are one in the same person and the photo, DOB etc normally ensure that they are satisfied. For what its worth, family members in the same situation tend to book the airline ticket in their western passport name, even though their Thai names are somewhat different, and it never has been an issue.


      • Gary says:

        That’s cool. I am leaving for Bangkok in January. I do have a TS visa, but will try out what I learned from your website.

        So, this is the plan. At SFO immigration, I will use US passport. At BKK immigration, I will use my expired Thai passport with a valid Thai National Id. Then repeat the same scheme on the return flight.

        I will report back. Thanks for very informative website.

        Thanks Chris,

        • No worries Gary. Safe trip back. Entering Thailand on an expired passport usually is fine. I’d just check with the consulate or embassy however if things have changed on that front due to COVID-19. The reason I say that is I’ve seen a few videos where Thais returning have been issued temporary emergency passports. They may not be dual citizens like yourself, but just worth checking to see if that is still okay.

          • Gary says:

            Just pinged Consulate in LA about using an expired Thai passport + valid Thai National Id. She insisted that I wouldn’t be able board with an invalid Thai passport (which is true), but I did not continue our conversation letting her know that I would use a US passport to board.
            I will try out the Thai passport + Thai Id route anyway, just to learn. If the immigration says no, then I could still enter using US passport with a 60-day visa.

            Feeling adventurous,

          • Thanks for reporting back. Good luck with the trip, hopefully the 2 week quarantine not too much of an issue!

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