The yellow tabien baan – getting registered

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Long time resident of Bangkok. Married, three daughters. Managing director of CLC Asia ( Lots of interesting knowledge and experience built up over time which I hope can be of use to people.

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  1. John S says:

    Is a birth certificate absolutely necessary? I honestly don’t know where mine is.

    • The list we presented is a compilation of most documents that have been asked for. Each district office will require slightly different things. In some, they will be satisfied with a smaller set of documents that others. Best to check at the local district office you intend to apply at, and see if they need it. I will likely say it will be needed, at which case you’ll need to apply for a replacement birth certificate in the country of your birth.

  2. David Williams says:

    I recently met with a person who assists in getting citizenship and she said I should get my name listed on a yellow Tabien Baan. My Thai wife and I have lived in Phuket for 26 years and we rent our house. The only Tabien Baan in my wife’s family is in Bangkok. Everything I have (work permit, bank accounts, drivers license, etc) all show me living in Phuket. It seems like a bad idea to be ‘registered’ in Bangkok, but actually living in Phuket.

    Do I really need my name in the yellow Tabien Baan?

    • Hi David,

      Yep, having a yellow Tabieen baan is one of the required documents for the application, so there is no real way around it.

      On top of that, being registered in Bangkok is our advice to all applicants as Special Branch there have a dedicated citizenship office – unlike the provinces who only may deal with an application from time to time, which normally results in the application not going anywhere at all. Moreover, most Thai citizens don’t live where there Tabieen Baan is, so being in different places isn’t unusual.

      The Special Branch people in Bangkok know all about this, so having your registration moved to their jurisdiction won’t be seen as strange (and they have been known to suggest this). Still, have a chat to them about your situation and if you look like qualifying based on your background, they should be quite helpful in suggesting what else needs to be changed. Honest is the best policy I think though, being straight up that your work is in Phuket but Tabieen Baan being in Bangkok shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. Michael says:

    We have a Condo in Bangkok and also a House in Samat Sakorn which would be better to use.

    • If it is just to get the Yellow Tabieen baan for the sake of having it, then anywhere is fine.

      If you are ultimately using it as a stepping stone to apply for citizenship, then you’ll want it in Bangkok as that is by far the easiest place to apply for citizenship in Thailand.

  4. Ken says:

    Hi, i live and own condo in bkk. Can i obtain the yellow tabien? Thanks. Ken

  5. William George Danson says:

    Must I be married to get a Yellow Book? My partner & I have lived together for 10 years in ‘our’ house, which I bought.

    • Hi William,

      No, anyone can be added on to the yellow book, so long as the ‘house master’ approves. That will be the person named on the first page of the blue book. Note, that the house master doesn’t need to be the owner of the property.

  6. Supat says:

    Hi Chris – your site is so helpful! I was born and am living in the US but finally found my Thai birth certificate. From what I’ve read here to get the remaining legal docs would I need to do the following in this order?

    1.) House Registration (blue book? in the house my parents are registered at in Bangkok)
    2.) Thai ID card in Bangkok
    3.) Thai Passport from the LA or DC embassy?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Supat,

      Assuming you are born in the US and have your Thai BC from the embassy there, then you can generally apply for your first Thai passport via the embassy. Normally to get a Thai passport its necessary to have an ID number and be registered on a tabieen baan (house registration/blue book) but they waive this requirement for overseas born Thai’s getting their first passport.

      So in your case, the order would be 3, 1 and then 2.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Richi kukreja says:

    Hi Chris,
    Very helpful information here. I am looking to buy my first condo here in Bangkok and in order to get the bank loans/mortgage with “local” terms there is a plethora of hoops to jump it seems.
    I am a foreigner working in Bangkok since last 5 years with valid work permit, paying taxes etc and trying to apply for a mortgage. One of the document required is the TOR.ROR14 or the Blue book which I assume is only for Thai Nationals. Would you know if the Yellow book or TOR.ROR13 be the acceptable document. I have a friend/landlord who is willing to add my name to his Tabien Baan and I think that should help. However, not sure if that is sufficient for the banks to approve mortgage? Would you be able to share any advise on this matter please.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Richi,

      I can’t really comment on the mortgage process but unless you have permanent residency you won’t be able to get on the blue house book, and only the yellow house book.

      To my knowledge however, unless you do have PR, you won’t be getting a local loan, rather, one of the local banks will be providing you a loan from one of their offshore entities (eg in Singapore).

      Hope this has been of help.

  8. Mark says:

    I have asked about Yellow book and they say I have to be married to the lady whose house I live in. Crazy I don’t want to marry!

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, district offices can be a bit hit or miss on this, and in your case, they are wrong. You really have two options, go back to them and ask them to show you the regulation. If you don’t want to do this, perhaps get registered in district where the officers know what they are doing. Once registered, it is easy enough to move your registration anywhere else.

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble but sometimes on this issue, a little persistence is needed.

  9. Sander says:

    hi Chris, many thanks for your informative website and extensive personal replies.
    I have one question though, in the Yellow Book requirements “visa” is stated. Does this need to be a long-term visa, or can it be a tourist visa as well?
    Ultimately I want to apply for a non-O visa, I believe a marriage visa is called. But firstly I need a bank-account, but the banks are giving me great grieve and are not very helpful and understanding. It looks like I cant open an account without a long-term visa and I cant get a long-term visa without a bank-account.
    So possibly having a Yellow Book will help to open an account, provided I can get one without the need for a long-term visa.
    Thanks, Sander

    • Hi Sander,

      In the case of the yellow tabieen baan, it should be that any valid entry permission can be shown, but I say this asking you to take it with a large grain of salt, as different district offices will have different interpretations. As for your situation about getting a bank account, it is a chicken and egg situation, but I’d look to open a bank account in the more touristic areas of Bangkok as they seem to have a better track record. Having said that, getting a non-O visa and then subsequent extension of stay is probably going to help you out the most on that front (from my limited knowledge).

    • Jack says:

      Hi Chris,

      Many thanks for everything. I tried to post my question on another part of the site but not sure if it was posted.

      My question is:

      I meet all the requirements including work permits, marriage certificate, salary, thai child, speak and write / read thai etc. however, I only got the yellow taibaan registration 6 months ago when reading your site. Can I likely apply with 7-8 years of work permits but only registered on the yellow book for 6 months?

      • Hi Jack – yep responded to the other post. Apologies, to protect from spam that all need to get approved. As said in the other one, no need to hold your yellow tabieen baan for any length of time to apply.

  10. Neil says:

    Just tried to get yellow Tabien Baan in Pak Chong. Crazy they say I need to be married first and the waiting time is 1 year. Should I forget it or try and do it in Bangkok. Do I need an address in Bangkok or can I use the one in PakChong.

    • Hi Neil,

      Yes, your story isn’t an uncommon one, particularly in the provinces where interpretations of the rules make it difficult. Bangkok is generally easier, but you’ll need an address in Bangkok you can use, and obviously the head of that household (on the house registry) to approve your being registered there. As said in the article, there is no need for you to actually live there.

      Following getting it, it is a relatively easy procedure for you to move addresses after that – whereby you ask your current district office to print out some papers indicating you’ve been moved off, and a new district office will simply add you to a new yellow book without having to go through the initial rigmarole.

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Chris. I own a condo which I bought 5 years ago, in Pattaya. I have the Chanote and the Sale/Purchase agreement but no Book. So if I apply for a yellow book, I will be deemed as housemaster? As there is no blue book for my condo

    • Hi Steve,

      There should be a blue book attached to your condo – but if there isn’t I’d see about getting one issued by the district office. Perhaps there was an oversight during the purchase process. With respect to who can be the house master – to be honest I’m not sure if it can only be Thai citizens, or whether foreign owners can be counted as the house master (but I have a sneaking suspicion they can). Assuming it is the case, then getting the yellow TB should be a formality.

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