Thai PR applications for 2023 now open!

Thai Permanent Residency applications now being accepted for long term expats living and working in Thailand

The Thai immigration department has announced that it is now accepting applications for Thai permanent residency from the 16th of October 2023 till the 29th of December 2023.

Traditionally the window for applications have only been open in the last few weeks of December each year, and in some years, the window for accepting applications hasn’t opened at all. This news report is positive news for expats living in Thailand who want to lay down some permanent roots here.

Based on reports we have been receiving from people who have contacted our website, applications are taking around 18 to 20 months to process, which is about as fast as you’ll see in Thailand. There basically isn’t a better time to apply for Thai PR than right now if you are looking to stay in Thailand forever without further visa and other administrative hassles.

Applying for Thai PR isn’t as difficult as many people think, so it is worth considering it.

For a guide on how to go about applying yourself without the need for expensive lawyers, please see our guide on called ‘Thai Permanent Residency – the ultimate guide.’

The link to the actual immigration announcement is here.

Remember also, if you are married to a Thai citizen and living and working in Thailand, you can skip this step and apply for Thai citizenship. Check out how you can do that here.

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