International Schools in Thailand

Chris Larkin

Long time resident of Bangkok. Married, three daughters. Managing director of CLC Asia ( Lots of interesting knowledge and experience built up over time which I hope can be of use to people.

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick J says:

    Thank you Chris. It is very useful piece on schools in Bangkok. I would be relocating to Thailand soon and frustrated to have to choose schools based on location rather than quality as you mentioned. My 9-year old daughter so far attended public school in Austria and we are leaning for British school in Bangkok. Where do your daughters go and what is your experience there?

    • Hi Patrick,

      My daughters go to one of the bigger not for profit schools I’ve mentioned in the article – but I think the experiences are pretty similar across the board speaking to parents I know whether it is Pattana, NIST or ISB. In that case, you’ll get good class sizes, a huge range of extra curricular activities and highly professional teachers with a good mix of students from different nationalities. Parent engagement is also highly encouraged. I’d say ISB and Pattana have the most impressive grounds, while NIST, by virtue of being downtown is not as spread out. Having said that, their facilities are impressive as well, and they will in the next year or two embark on a huge refurbishment.

      In your case if you are leaning towards British then Bangkok Pattana is probably going to be the one which fits the bill. Both Pattana and ISB are located out of the immediate’downtown’ but in the morning Pattana is surprisingly easy to reach from downtown by school bus, especially from the Sathorn area given the proximity to the expressway. So while its not strictly location based, in the end, the NIST kids tend to live around lower and mid sukhumvit, the ISB kids live out on the Nicha Thani estate – with probably the Pattana kids being a bit more diversely spread out.

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