The yellow tabien baan – getting registered

Chris Larkin

Long time resident of Bangkok. Married, three daughters. Managing director of CLC Asia ( Lots of interesting knowledge and experience built up over time which I hope can be of use to people.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for all of the amazing information contained within your site. You are very generous to spend your time sharing your incredible wealth of knowledge with us.

    I have a question on the yellow tabien baan as it pertains to applying for Thai citizenship. I would be applying under the category of being married to a Thai citizen.
    I have lived in Bangkok for 12 years and for 9 of those years I have lived in my own condo. I have a blue tabien baan which came attached to my condo but as you know cannot have my name on it given I am not a citizen.
    Due to a lack of knowledge on my part I never applied to get a yellow tabien baan.

    When applying for Citizenship I would need points under the Residence in Thailand category. This states that I must show evidence of residence (yellow tabien baan) for at least 5 years. If I apply for a yellow tabien baan now will the clock be set back to zero despite me having my own condo here for 9 years? Will I basically have to start again and build up 5 years on the new yellow tabien baan or can I get it backdated somehow to show I have been living here all along?

    Any thoughts or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & best regards,


    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for finding the site and glad you have gotten some use out of it.

      Great question and the good news is you have nothing to worry about. There is no minimum amount of time to hold the yellow tabieen baan. Many people only apply for one just before they submit their citizenship applications. The way the rule is written is that you get an extra 5 points for holding that yellow TB for 5 years. So there is no great loss on that front, particularly if your points score is strong in other areas.

      Hopefully that answers the question and good luck with your citizenship application!

  2. Anders Dahl Stougaard says:

    Hi Chris
    Really good site you got here, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    A question regarding blue or yellow book.
    1. I’m married with Thai, i am working and having tax ID etc. can i get in the blue book or only yellow book for me?
    2. In case i can get in blue book and i have tax ID already, do i still need all the above mentioned documents, i feel they have all information when i’m already having tax ID?
    3. Same would i be able to get yellow book with only showing tax ID and work permit, or is all the papers still needed?.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Anders.

      Glad you like the website!

      The only people who can get on the blue tabieen baan are Thai citizens or those with Thai permanent residency. For everyone else it is the yellow book.

      The list of documents outlined in this article are the ones typically asked for, but for the yellow book at least, each district office seems to have alot of latitude in determining what documents they do want, so be prepared for more than what I’ve got here, or much less.


  3. Steve says:

    Hi Chris. I own a condo which I bought 5 years ago, in Pattaya. I have the Chanote and the Sale/Purchase agreement but no Book. So if I apply for a yellow book, I will be deemed as housemaster? As there is no blue book for my condo

    • Hi Steve,

      There should be a blue book attached to your condo – but if there isn’t I’d see about getting one issued by the district office. Perhaps there was an oversight during the purchase process. With respect to who can be the house master – to be honest I’m not sure if it can only be Thai citizens, or whether foreign owners can be counted as the house master (but I have a sneaking suspicion they can). Assuming it is the case, then getting the yellow TB should be a formality.

  4. Neil says:

    Just tried to get yellow Tabien Baan in Pak Chong. Crazy they say I need to be married first and the waiting time is 1 year. Should I forget it or try and do it in Bangkok. Do I need an address in Bangkok or can I use the one in PakChong.

    • Hi Neil,

      Yes, your story isn’t an uncommon one, particularly in the provinces where interpretations of the rules make it difficult. Bangkok is generally easier, but you’ll need an address in Bangkok you can use, and obviously the head of that household (on the house registry) to approve your being registered there. As said in the article, there is no need for you to actually live there.

      Following getting it, it is a relatively easy procedure for you to move addresses after that – whereby you ask your current district office to print out some papers indicating you’ve been moved off, and a new district office will simply add you to a new yellow book without having to go through the initial rigmarole.

  5. Sander says:

    hi Chris, many thanks for your informative website and extensive personal replies.
    I have one question though, in the Yellow Book requirements “visa” is stated. Does this need to be a long-term visa, or can it be a tourist visa as well?
    Ultimately I want to apply for a non-O visa, I believe a marriage visa is called. But firstly I need a bank-account, but the banks are giving me great grieve and are not very helpful and understanding. It looks like I cant open an account without a long-term visa and I cant get a long-term visa without a bank-account.
    So possibly having a Yellow Book will help to open an account, provided I can get one without the need for a long-term visa.
    Thanks, Sander

    • Hi Sander,

      In the case of the yellow tabieen baan, it should be that any valid entry permission can be shown, but I say this asking you to take it with a large grain of salt, as different district offices will have different interpretations. As for your situation about getting a bank account, it is a chicken and egg situation, but I’d look to open a bank account in the more touristic areas of Bangkok as they seem to have a better track record. Having said that, getting a non-O visa and then subsequent extension of stay is probably going to help you out the most on that front (from my limited knowledge).

    • Jack says:

      Hi Chris,

      Many thanks for everything. I tried to post my question on another part of the site but not sure if it was posted.

      My question is:

      I meet all the requirements including work permits, marriage certificate, salary, thai child, speak and write / read thai etc. however, I only got the yellow taibaan registration 6 months ago when reading your site. Can I likely apply with 7-8 years of work permits but only registered on the yellow book for 6 months?

      • Hi Jack – yep responded to the other post. Apologies, to protect from spam that all need to get approved. As said in the other one, no need to hold your yellow tabieen baan for any length of time to apply.

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